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Near FRI, Dehradun

TripAdvisor Traveller Rating:  5/5


Visit the Zonal Anthropological Museum in Dehradun

Museum Timings:  10 AM to 1 PM

                                        2 PM to 5 PM

The museum is closed on Sundays, 2nd Saturdays and Public Holidays.

Situated next to the Forest Research Institute and just 5 kms from the Dehradun Railway Station, the Zonal Anthropological Museum was established in 1971 by the Anthropological Survey of India.  The museum showcases a collection of artifacts depicting the origin, development and sustenance of humans on earth. The museum also provides insights into the origin and social customs of the early inhabitants of people in the Himalayan foothills.  One can find statues, sculptures and coins which are centuries old on display around the museum. 

As you enter the Museum, you will be able to view various birds such as migratory birds and parakeets.  There is another section which houses various species of snakes from around the world.  There are two other sections that showcase cactus and plants and an aquarium.  These two sections require a separate ticket.

The museum also holds an enclosure featuring crocodiles and aligators and another enclosure holding different types of turtles.  

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