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Anarwala Village, Malsi

TripAdvisor Traveller Rating:  4.5/5


Robber's Cave.jpg

Also known as Guchhupani by the locals, Robber's Cave is located in Sahastradhara (thousand fold spring), approximately 8 kms from the Dehradun city centre.  This is a river cave formation in the Himalayas. The cave is located one kilometer from the Anarwala Village and one needs to trek by foot to reach it.

The cave is 600 meters long and is divided into two main parts.  The highest fall in the cave is 10 meters.  One can find a fort wall structure in the central part of the cave which is now broken.  This structure consists of a narrow gorge formed in a conglomerate limestone area on the Dehra plateau.

Robber's Cave is a natural formation where the river flows inside the cave.  It has become a popular tourist spot.

According to history, the cave was used in the 1800's by robbers to hide from the British.  

Robber's Cave is ideally visited in Summer as the spring water is cool and refreshing.

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