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Rajaji National Park

Kaulagarh Road

TripAdvisor Traveller Rating:  4.5/5



Park Timings:

Morning:  6 AM-9 AM

Evening:  3 PM-6 PM

Entry to the Rajaji National Park is through permits.  Permits are available at all entry gates to the park.  

Cost of permit:

Domestic tourist:  Rs. 150 for a 3 hour visit

International tourist:  Rs. 600 only for the Chilla Range

Jungle Safari:

Gypsy:  Rs. 2500 from Chilla Range, Motichur and Ranipur

Jhilmil Conservation Area:  Rs. 3000

Gohari Range: Rs. 2800

Vehicle Entry Charges:  Rs. 250 for domestic and Rs. 500 for foreigners

Guide Charges:  Rs. 600 for general guide and Rs. 1000-1500 for Bird and Wildlife guide.

Rest houses are available in Chilla, Motichur, Lalitaro, Kuano and Ranipur forests.

Named after Sri C. Rajagopalachari, the first Governor General of India, the Rajaji Wildlife Sanctuary was merged in 1983 with the Motichur and Chilla Wildlife Sanctuaries to form the Rajaji National Park.  This park operates between mid-November and Mid-June.  In 2015, it became Uttarakhand's second Tiger Reserve after Corbett Tiger Reserve.

Spread over more than 800 sq kms along the foothills of the Shivalik Range of the Himalayas, the park is located in the Pauri Garhwal, Dehradun and Saharanpur Districts.  The Ganga and Song Rivers flow through the park.

Known for its scenice beauty and rich bio-diversity, the Rajaji National Park is home to over 400 bird species including woodpeckers, hornbills and magpies. It is also famous for its elephant population (around 600) and has 23 species of mammals including tigers (16), leopards (250), sloth bears and  deer as well. The rivers also carry 42 varieties of fish.

The park organizes jungle safaris which are for a duration of 3 hours in the morning and evening. The safari is conducted in an open jeep thus giving you an opportunity to see wild life and birds in their habitat.  

Other activities available include bird watching, treks and rafting. 

Rafting:  A 3 hour rafting course done over 12 kms over the Ganges is available on request.  Cost is Rs. 800 per person with expert trainers.

Bird Watching:  Expert bird watchers are available to guide you at Chilla and Gohari Ranges.  Cost is Rs. 300/hr.

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