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Sahastradhara, Dehradun


Sahastradhara Ropeway1.jpg

The destination also houses a Rock Climbing Wall, an artificially constructed wall usually used for indoor climbing.  One can also get transported back to the 1970's at the Disco Dancing Hall.  Visitors can also take in some shooting games.  Test your speed and reaction.

Ropeway Ticket charges:  Rs. 150 return

Sahastradhara is a popular picnic spot for locals from Dehradun and is a quick detour for those traveling to Mussoorie. 

Located opposite Sahastradhara in Dehradun,  the Sahastradhara Ropeway is an innovative tourist destination ideal for individuals, groups and families.  The location on top of the hill offers a 360 degree of the Doon Valley.

Sahastradhara, which means "Thousand Fold Spring", is a lovely waterfall at a depth of 9 meters.  The water is believed to be therapeutic as it contains sulphur.  The Baldi River and the caves enhance the beauty of the place.  

Take a ride on the Ropeway to the top of the hill.  Enjoy the amazing view along the way.  The journey to the top of the hill takes 103 minutes.  Visitors can also indulge in snacks and beverages at the food court or multi-cuisines restaurant called Wheelhouse.  Take a stroll along the park or visit the Sai Temple located near the restaurant.  

This destination also offers a hotel where one can stay enroute to other destinations.  The hotel offers Air-conditioned rooms and space for organizing corporate parties and picnics.



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