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Ganga Arti



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The Triveni Ghat and the Parmarth Niketan are the two ghats which are popular for the Ganga Aarti.   

The "Maha Aarti" at Triveni Ghat starts with the chanting of bhajans, the beating of drums, the ringing of bells and the lighting of diyas which are offered to the Ganga River. As the priest holds large fire bowls in his hands, the temple bells are rung and mantras are chanted.  This is a daily ritual every evening at the ghat.

The devotees can then take the diyas and flowers and allow them to float on the water.  Triveni Ghat is also known for conducting other ceremonies.  It is the most revered holy bathing place where many pilgrims take a bath on various festivals.  Legend has it that taking a bath at the Triveni Ghat washes away the sins and purifies the soul.  

The aarti takes place morning and evening daily.  Triveni Ghat is 10 kms from Haridwar.

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