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Soham Himalayan Centre

Bala Hisar, Mussoorie

TripAdvisor Rating 5/5

Soham Himalayan Centre.jpeg


10 AM- 2 PM

3 PM-5 PM


The SOHAM Himalayan Centre is an art and history museum that preserves and promotes the Uttarakhand Himalayan heritage, culture and ethnicity.  It also showcases Himalayan culture and tradition through paintings, murals, sculptures, artifacts, fabric, scrap art and other art forms.

Situated close to the Picture Palace on Dhanaulti Road, the SOHAM Himalayan Centre is a privately run art gallery and a museum set up by Dr Kavita Shukla and Mr Sameer Shukla.  The art gallery features paintings by Dr Kavita Shukla.  This is an entirely not-for-profit organization with the proceeds being used to run an orphanage.

Located 3 kms from Gandhi Chowk, Mall Road, this centre is well decorated to give a regional look.  It is an attempt to restore things like woodcraft, agricultural equipment, musical instruments, jewelry, utensils etc.

The art centre also highlights an exhibition of jewelry, traditional tools and household goods and wildlife of the Himalayan region.  

Kashi Devasthanam

Kashi Devasthanam is the Cultural Habitat which highlights the Himalayan culture and tradition through paintings, murals, sculptures and other art forms.  

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