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River Rafting



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If you are looking for adventure, then head to Rishikesh for River Rafting.  The rapids of the Ganges offer an adrenaline rush for the adventurous ones. 

While rafting is a daring sport for the adult, it can also be a fun activity for children.  Rafting packages start from Rs. 300 and can go up to Rs. 1100 per person, making it a budget friendly experience for the family.  The River Rafting experience can be enjoyed throughout the year except during the monsoons. 

There are four different stretches:

Brahmpuri Rafting Season:  This stretch is 9 kms long and is the basic stretch having grade II rapids.  Enjoy rafting here between mid-September and mid-June.

Shivpuri Rafting Season: This stretch is 16 kms long and is mostly grade III rapids.  This is a highly recommended stretch.  Enjoy rafting here between end of September and early June.

Marine Drive Rafting Season:  This stretch lasts close to 25 kms and has mainly grade IV rapids. This stretch is not recommend for first-timers.  Enjoy rafting here between mid-September and end of May.

Kaudiyala Rafting Season:  This is the most advanced stretch for rafting and has mainly grade V rapids.  This stretch is only open from mid-October to mid-May.

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